Rouse Simmons 2012

The Christmas Tree Ship Book The Historic Christmas
Tree Ship. A True Story
of Faith, Hope, & Love
By Rochelle Pennington

One hundred years ago...

One hundred years ago, the story of the Christmas Tree Ship began. It is the story of a captain, with a kind and generous heart. A man, who along with his crew, sailed stormy Lake Michigan for many years. He made children’s dreams of having a Christmas tree come true. He was known as Captain Santa. The Rouse Simmons project was fortunate and blessed, to share the 100 year commemoration of the Christmas tree ship with our community. To everyone who supported and came to our event, thank you for making our dream come true, by allowing us to share Captain Santa’s story with you.

Merry Christmas to all,

Maggie Becker-Koeppe, Rouse Simmons Project Chairman

Follow this link to more on the story of The Christmas Tree Ship

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